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Sometimes we don’t realize it, but modern homes are intricate and complex structures. From the hundred of feet of electrical wiring to the plumbing supplying you with water to the flooring you walk on, each part of your home plays a specific function to keep you comfortable and safe. When one or two areas of your home malfunction or break down, it can decrease your productivity and lead to an unsafe living environment. Are there areas of your home that have been needing attention? PoweredByPros is here to help you take care of the many small jobs around your house or business so you have more time to pursue the things that are most important to you. We provide professional, safe, and reliable handyman service for your entire “To Do” list. Whether you’re looking to do some home remodeling, need some general labor for jobs around the house, or need drywall repair expertise, our hanyman are known in the industry because they can tackle almost any project.


We get it – there’s nothing like the satisfaction of kicking back after completing a DIY project, knowing you did it all yourself. But have you ever had lingering doubts? Remember the leak repair or the mold you scrubed down? Sure, sometimes it’s fine to do it yourself. However we have learned from many years of experience that many times (more often than not) when homeowners would be much better off in mind, body, and wallet by letting a professional handyman do the work for you. Below are the five main reasons why you should hire an experienced service professional to accomplish the repair and improvement projects around your home.


    Home repair and update projects that once inspired us can quickly fall by the wayside, lingering on for years past the expected completion date. Even carefully planned home imrpovements can often take far longer than you originally expected. A lot of unknown factors begin to appear as you progress through your project, often requiring you to take time to buy new tools or materials. This just extends the projet time. Hiring a local handyman gives you an assured time frame for completion of your job and the peace of mind that comes with it. A handyman will usually focus on smaller jobs, including many of the ones a general contractor would not take on.

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    It might seem counterintuitive to think that hirining a handyman would save you money, but in may cases it does. For the first reason, he already has the right tools for the job and can even have favorable connections to local suppliers to get you materials at better rates. Secondly, the old saying ‘time is money’ seems to be more true now than ever before. Our handymen have the experience to get projects done the right way in a timely manner. Lastly, they are flexible and you can hire a handyman to help you out with any aspect of a project, no matter how big or small. This means that if you want to complete most of your repairs or updates on you own, go for it, just leave the complex and time-consuming parts to an expert!

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    No one needs more stress. Lingering doubts at the onset of your home renovations are just one of the headaches that you can save if you hire a local handyman. Stress is part and parcel of the remodeling process, no matter the size and scope fo the project. This is most evident when it’s not your field of expertise. This stress can ripple through your home, and lead to frustration with your family (especially if your project is bound to take more than a few days). Hiring a handyman relieves the burden of project stress.

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    According to a survey completed by the Chronicle Herald in California, about 1 in 4 DIYers will end up in the hospital each year due to home improvement related injuries. Often times, homeowners try to take on proejcts that require the use of unfamiliar tools, which increases the risk of injury. This also adds the posibility of damaging your home as well, or worsening the problem you are attempting to solve. It is the primary role of our handyman to ensure excellent results while adhering to strict safety protocols that protect not only themselves, but your home and family.

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    Without years of training and experience, it is hard to achieve the level of detail and finish a quality local handyman can bring. Even jobs that seem simple such as painting walls and replacing light fittings are harder than they appear when you’re looking for a high-end finish. This is especially true if you are looking to update your home for selling purposes. Potential buyers may see average looking remodels as quick fixes for a more serious problem. Be proud of the finished result and hire a trustworthy, vetted handyman.

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It is always smart to view home improvement projects as an investment. Putting your money into areas of your home that are highly desired and commonly used is a great way to maximize your return on investment. Updating, maintaining, and improving these four sections of your home are statistically proven methods to gain financial appreciation for your home.

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    The bathroom is an integral part of the home that needs to be well-functioning. It is a well known trend in the home improvement industry that a beautiful, usable bathroom increases property value. For example, updating fixtures, installing efficient appliances, and adding a fresh coat of paint in your bathroom will dramatically change the way your bathing space appears and will give you a high return on investment. In recent years, smaller remodels that typically cost less than $5,000 tend to be more worthwhile than large-scale projects.

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    The kitchen is the heart of the home. For this reason, an open, highly-functional, and modern kitchen is among the top reasons why new homeowners purchased a home in 2019. Our contractors can help you achieve a budget-friendly remodel by refurbishing cabinetry, refinishing floors, and installing new lights.

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    Curb Appeal (Home Exterior)

    The way the exterior of your home looks can have a dramatic effect on the selling potential. An appealing, fresh looking exterior is actually thought to raise the perceived value of a home by 5-11% (Michigan State Study). At the same time, remodels that improve your home’s curb appeal tend to be less time-consuming, stressful, and inexpensive when compared to major interior renovations. A beautiful landscape and exterior has been on the rise for years. In fact, 9 out of the top 10 highest Return on Investment remodel projects focus on improving curb appeal.

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    Smarter Technologies

    Newer appliances tend to conserve water and consume less energy. This saves you (and the potential future buyer of your house) money on utility costs. Technologies like smart thermostats and smart home security are highly sought after right now because they make your home safer and eco-friendly, all from the touch of a button on your phone.


We constantly receive calls from property owners that attempt to fix a problem on their own, only to find out that they have made the problem worse A simple project they thought could undertake in a few hours turns out to be hair pulling strenous task. This results in frustration, extended time commitments, improper repairs, and potentially cause (further) damage to your home. Avoid costly mistakes and let an professional handyman update and improve your home the right way. Our handymen are officialy trained to address a wide range of complications. It takes a lot of experience and practical knowledge to know how to solve all the problems that arise in a home. Every handyman in our network has spent years practicing and refining their craft, making them the most trusted service professionals in the business. These pros know how to spot out issues that are causing immediate concern and can advise on areas of your home that might present you problems in the future.


We handle all types and kinds of handy services. No matter if you just want to upgrade the lighting in your yard, develop a new home addition, refinish your kitchen cabinets, paint the trim in your hallways, or need immediate emergency assistance quickly – we are your one stop shop for home improvement and repair support. We can’t list every specific type of handyman service out there, but below are some common jobs our handymen take care of on a daily basis:

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    Emergency Assistance

    Handymen in our network are ready around the clock to help those affected by accidents and malfunctions. We are ready to be at your door to resolve your emergency situation in the most expedient, cost-effective and least invasive manner possible. We cover a wide range of emergency services, from flooding to main line bursts to mold removal to electrical outages, we do it all.

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    Looking to update your bedroom to be more functional? Or just want to change up its style? We offer a variety of services that include but are not limited to: bed installation, closet door installation, new custom shelving, black out curtains, painting, and mount TVs.

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    Bathroom & Kitchen

    These two residential rooms are highly used areas of any home and are often subject to break down quicker than the rest of your home because it has so many different working components (i.e. plumbing, electricity, cabinetry, etc). Our handyman handle full remodels, fan installation, cabinet repair/refurbishing, caulking, drywall repairs/finishing, light fixture installation, minor plumbing leaks, shower door services, toilet repair, tile installation, and more!

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    Deck & Patio

    The deck and patio are usually constantly exposed to weathering elements, making it deteriorate at a quicker pace than the rest of your home. Maintaining and occasional updates helps it look fresh and beautiful. For your home’s exterior we offer typical landscaping service, lighting, deck & patio repair/construction, power washing services, and painting/finishing.

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    Attic & Basement

    The attic and basement are sometimes out of sight and mind. However, they each serve an important role in your home. It’s crucial to maintain your attic, as it contributes toward your home’s energy efficiency, air quality, and the integrity of your roof. We offer attic stairs and doors installation, insulation measures, mold prevention, and vent cleaning. The Basement serves as a good opportunity to add more storage and entertainment. For the basement, we can completely renovate it to add a home gym or cinema, add custom bookcases, add or replace a sump pump to prevent flooding, and install handrails and stair safety.

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    Commercial Services

    We also support commercial and industrial repair, servicing, and installation projects. The steps we take to clean up your business space isn’t much different than your home. But as a property owner, dealing with damage or setting time aside to maintain and repair your business space can seem like more of a headache. We make sure to work quickly and efficiently to get your company back up and running in no time, ensuring minimal or no loss in revenue. We can handle jobs of all sizes, work at odd hours, and offer a wide variety services like: slab wall fitting, drywall repair, painting, floor repair, and more!


PoweredByPros is a leading digital home services marketplace. For over a decade, homeowners have trusted us with providing them professional, quality, and affordable services for their property. We match our valued customers with screened remodel professionals they can trust to successfully complete any type of home improvement project. Everyday, property owners call in asking for our help. Our service professionals cover everything from the larger metro areas to small towns throughout the United States. The service pros within our network are skilled in over 300 home improvement related services, from house cleaning to major renovations to plumbing installation and repair. In addition, we also service commercial and industrial properties in a wide variety of tasks. In order for us to connect you with the best pro, our highly skilled customer support team will contact you to gather all your project information and pay special attention to your design and amenity requests.