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Painting Projects Why Painting can be Important for you

Whether you purchased a new property or are just looking to revitalize your current home, painting improves appearance, provides essential protection, and can increase the value of a home. A new coat of paint can transform the look of your residence overnight. You might even feel like you are moving into a new home! When a professional painter does quality work it will hide minor defects or stains. You may not have to fill in cracks or remove those permanent marks. Painting your home is the first line of defense against weather, insects, corrosion, and water damage. A pro paint job can provide you with invaluable protection for many years. All paint jobs will keep dirt and dust to a minimum (especially homes with plaster walls). Choosing zero-VOC or low VOC finishes and paints reduces fumes and odors—supplying your family with cleaner and healthier air.

Additionally, curb appeal— the way your home looks from the street— is a determining factor for potential buyers. In fact, a beautiful home with high curb appeal can potentially increase the market value of you home by 5-10%. Few people want to buy a house with chipped and worn-down paint. If you are looking for a quick, cost-efficient method to make your home more attractive, a well-chosen paint job will make your home a hot commodity.

Questions to ask When’s the right time to paint?

It’s a tough question. There is no one answer or set timeline as to when you should paint you home. However, there are some guidelines to follow. Most expert painters will say to paint the exterior every five to ten years, and maybe even longer for your interior. It really all comes down to the quality of your previous paint job, the climate of where you live, and how often your paint gets banged up. Before you hire a professional painter, ask yourself these questions: Is the paint chipped, peeling, or cracked? Is there exposed wood or sign of water damage? How does my home look? Will a new coat of paint make me happy?

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    Again, a lot of it comes down to where you live. Snow or the relentless heat of the Sun can quickly deteriorate your coat. But, the type of material that makes up the exterior of your home plays a large role. Keep in mind every surface is a little different. New Materials for example, cement fiberboard can go up to 10-15 years before repainting. Typically these new age materials can hold a fresh coat of paint longer and require less touch up. Below you will find our recommendations on when to paint different exterior materials:

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    The interior paint of any home is not as exposed to the harsh weather conditions as the exterior. Still, it doesn’t mean you won’t need to repaint. Interior paint maintenance depends on the surface of your home and which room you are looking at. Below you will find our recommendations on when to paint different interior areas of your home:

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Expert Painting Advice How do you select the best paint color?

This is the most exciting, but arguably the most important part of your new painting project! With thousands of color shades to choose from, it can seem like a challenge to pick the right one to suit your design choice and lifestyle. Hiring a local PoweredByPros painting professional to ask expert advice will help you make the right color decision. With over 10 years of experience, you can rely on us to help guide you through the painting process and leave your property looking brand new. When you are deciding to move forward in the painting process, just keep in mind these tips when selecting a new color scheme:

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    Take Pictures and Go to the Store

    Writing down or taking a picture of each area of your home comes in handy when visiting a paint shop (reminder of current design, easy for comparing shades). You can order paint online, but seeing color variations in person is recommended.

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    Selecting Your Favorite Colors

    Narrow down a list of at least three colors you like. Even if you fall in love with one specific color at the shop, it may not look great when you splash it on a big wall. It’s important to have a few of your favorites just in case.

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    Accents and Trims

    Keep in mind accents and trims. Monotonous paint schemes can be boring and dull. Contouring your exterior paints with different colors can turn heads and leave you happy for years to come with your interior.

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    Hire a Pro

    Ultimately, you need to be pretty handy and have experience with large-scale painting to do a good DIY paint job. Improper technique can lead to messy results, wasted time, and potential damage. A pro painter will avoid these unnecessary mistakes.


PoweredByPros is a leading digital home services marketplace. We match homeowners with screened professionals they can trust to successfully complete any type of painting project. For over a decade, homeowners have trusted us with providing them professional, quality, and affordable paint services for their property. In order for us to connect you with the best painting pro, our highly skilled customer service team will contact you to gather all your project information and pay special attention to your design and amenity requests.

Powered by Pros is one of the most respected painting services in the industry. We can handle any of your painting needs. Our professionals are experienced in interior painting, exterior painting, and prefinishing on both new construction and repaint jobs. We service residential, commercial, and industrial clients. Whether you need painting to stand out in your neighborhood or a new wallpaper to match your interior décor, our local painting pros have the right solutions at the best price.

Increase Your Property’s Value Quick, Easy, and Customized Painting Services

Due to our many years in the painting business, we know that a fresh coat of paint beautifies your home and ultimately increases its value. New exterior painting improves curb appeal, making your home more attractive to potential buyers. A new layer of paint can conceal cracks or chipped wood and prevents moisture from entering your home,avoiding costly future repairs. In the interior, new paint quickly changes the style of any room. Small updates to trims or applying a new accent finishes give a room a new look and feel, without the commitment of a full scale makeover. Our painting contractors will keep your design requests in mind, and walk you through every step of the process. From planning to material selection to the finished project, PoweredByPros painting pros will help you accomplish a functional, budget-friendly project. Together, let’s make your home beautiful and increase its value with a new coat of paint.


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Services we offer Custom and Personalized Painting Projects

Here at PoweredByPros, we are 100% dedicated to providing nothing short of the best in the industry. Our teams of professional painters promise to deliver you the finest painting job, within your budget. No matter if you want to freshen up a residential home, paint a new construction, or apply epoxy to a large industrial complex, our painting pros can handle any task.

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    Residential Painting

    Our painters are experienced in all types of paint: eco-friendly, zero VOC, latex, enamel, gloss, matte, etc. Whether it be the interior or exterior of your home, when you work with us you will receive quality you expect in a timeline that's unexpected.

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    Corporate & Commercial Painting

    You can’t simply put your office on hold to accommodate a paint job. PoweredByPros gets the job done right and quickly to keep your business running at top efficiency. We always comply with property owners, building, and city regulations.

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    Industrial Painting

    Industrial workspaces need to pay much attention to floors to maintain safety and ensure productivity. Epoxy coated floors are the go to choice for industrial buildings to enhance the functionality and look. We can guide you on the various types of epoxy coatings and paint.

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